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Where growth seekers tap together into boundless power


Are you craving more

  • hope and health?
  • freedom instead of fear?
  • calm and connection amidst the chaos?

Then you’re in the right place. 

Freedom + Flow was designed with you in mind.

We’re a virtual community that meets weekly to transform stress into growth using the power at our own fingertips.

A sobering reality

In these uncertain times, you may be feeling more fearful, overwhelmed, and isolated than ever. You’re not alone. Global stress levels have skyrocketed.

Yet stress is the worst way to confront a crisis. Anxiety and fear downregulate the immune system, putting the body into a state of emergency that leaves it more vulnerable to viral infections.

And do you know what else weakens the immune system?


Humans are hardwired for connection. When we feel separate, the nervous system goes into a threat response, unleashing an internal state of emergency that likewise leaves us susceptible to illness, not to mention early mortality.

Nearly half of adult Americans, and countless more around the globe, are lonely, according to medical reports that don’t account for the current health crisis. This insidious threat to humanity is the more perilous pandemic of our times.

So the very things that swirl around us—high anxiety and forced quarantine—are the most likely to strike us down.

Are you ready to be part of the solution?

To be an oasis of calm and connection amidst the chaos and confusion?

To be a beacon of hope, freedom, and growth borne from adversity?





An empowering alternative

I’m more than ready. 

After years as a health practitioner and transformational coach, I’m still amazed by the results I get with one of the simplest, most effective strategies to reduce stress, support the immune system, and encourage connection in a lonely world.

Group tapping.

So I’m inviting you to step inside a healing oasis: Freedom + Flow, my online group program.

Here’s what other growth seekers are saying about Freedom + Flow:

  • “I see a huge opportunity for transformation and see this group as a beacon of hope. You are so cosmic, Stacy! Thank you for creating this oasis.”
  • “I was reminded of how important it is to feel my emotions ASAP when I'm in a safe space, instead of ignoring them. I feel strengthened.”
  • “Thank you all for honoring your emotions and giving yourself permission to feel what you feel with me. Witnessing you and practicing with you all will instill this permission and honor deep in my psyche. I am so grateful.”
  • “It feels nice to be connected to a group of beautiful people around the world.”
  • “I’m so thankful I found this group. It feels like a fountain of health. Thank you all for the connection and for supporting me.”

Ready to feel that connection and support for yourself? There’s space for you. Keep reading for a special offer to join us. 

Let’s confront this crisis empowered, together. 
Join us now.


What is tapping?

Tapping, also known as Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), is a mind-body tool that quickly shifts the body from fear and isolation to safety and connection.

When we use our fingertips to stimulate the body’s energy meridians, we

  • calm down the nervous system
  • allow safe access to emotions
  • restore proper energy flow
  • activate the immune system
  • rewire the brain for lasting change

Tapping, then, is a stress-relieving technique that returns the body to a healing state where amazing changes happen.

And the best part? This literal power at our fingertips is available anytime, anywhere. It’s simple to learn and superlative in groups. 

Wherever you are in the world, you belong in Freedom + Flow.

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Curious about tapping?

Get immediate access to your free EFT reference guide and learn the tapping points now.

Why a group?

Quite simply, when we do our inner work together, our outer world changes.

Tapping has proven its prowess in every setting and demographic imaginable, from

  • homes to hospitals
  • schools to spiritual centers
  • workplaces to war zones
  • private bedrooms to public ballrooms
  • places of peace to places of conflict, chaos, and natural disaster

When two or more come together, we all benefit from the ripple effects.

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Be the change-maker in your community.
Join us now.


Where’s the proof?

Don’t let its simplicity fool you!

Tapping blends ancient wisdom with modern science, and some of the biggest names in health and wellness, not to mention business and innovation, are taking notice.

  • From pioneering doctors like Mark Hyman, Mehmet Oz, Joseph Mercola, Lissa Rankin, and Christiane Northrup to researchers at premier institutions like Johns Hopkins and Harvard Medical School
  • From brain experts, biohackers, and wellness advocates like Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dave Asprey, and Wellness Mama to business leaders, strategists, and motivational speakers like Brendon Burchard, Tony Robbins, and Tim Ferriss
  • From celebrities and star athletes to authorities and advisors to innovators and icons in all spheres of industry…

The world agrees: energy psychology in general, and tapping specifically, supercharges healing, growth, and performance.

This is the way of the future. And you can be part of it. 


Why now?

As a health practitioner, I’m getting questions about what to do in the face of the current crisis. There’s a lot we don’t know right now. So let’s focus on what we do know.

  • We can prioritize self-care and compassion.
  • We can improve our own physical, mental, emotional, and social health.
  • We can reclaim our time for our family and friends, our purpose and passion, the things that really matter.
  • We can create genuine interactions to counter isolation, because even uplifting virtual connection is immuno-protective.
  • We can let adversity drive us to learn new skills, adapt, and grow.
  • We can embrace this global challenge as an opportunity to make ourselves and our planet stronger.
  • We can give voice to our fears and invite truth, faith, hope, and love to prevail.

We can take this crisis into our own hands.

So are you ready to be part of the solution?

You can!

Freedom + Flow is an oasis of calm and connection, and you’re invited.





It’s time.

Fear and anxiety aren’t going away. But our relationship with disempowering emotions can transform. When we acknowledge them, we let them teach us. We welcome empowered change.

This pandemic may be the biggest opportunity for growth that our planet and its population has yet seen.

Will you embrace that inspiring prospect with me?

  • By calming our own nervous system, we relieve collective distress.
  • By strengthening our own immune system, we boost humanity’s resilience.
  • By walking in freedom and not fear, we pave the way for healing and growth.

And by doing all this together, not only do we create a powerful force in the face of crisis, but we also alleviate life-threatening separation. We become the antidote to the real pandemic of our time.

Join me and your global community as we tap into freedom and flow, our natural birthright.

Let’s live the solution. 

Accept my gift to the global immune system.
Join us now.


Stress is inevitable.

Life challenges will come even after this pandemic ends. Are you prepared to handle those challenges?

The key to thriving in the face of adversity is committed self-care. Why wait until you’re really sick and stuck to move through stressors, fears, and uncomfortable emotions?

Practicing freedom and flow consistently is the ultimate preventative medicine. We can stop personal, familial, and societal sickness and trauma at the source.

That’s why Freedom + Flow is here for you, every week, every month, for as long as you need it.

Get to know Freedom + Flow.

I’ve brought my groups together in one easy-to-access virtual place.

Freedom + Flow is a community where growth seekers tap together into boundless power.

Every week we carve out one hour to tap through our fears and stressors in real time as a global community. We create safety and connection for one another—arguably one of the most courageous and significant actions you can take during a crisis.

Together we become the living, breathing antidote to fear and isolation, on a mission to undermine viral loneliness. 

And if you can’t make our live call, no problem! As part of the community, you gain access to the replay.

To recap, here’s what you get when you say yes to Freedom + Flow:

  • weekly live group transformational sessions
  • personal, practical, experiential learning
  • video replays to integrate on your own and take action
  • connection and accountability from the comfort of home
  • access to upcoming member-only tools and training
  • a supportive community committed to unstoppable growth

It’s my gift to you, so we can grow calmer and more connected in these scary, isolating times.

Your healing oasis is ready and waiting. 


Meet your guide.

Stacy Claxton is a transformational coach and integrative health practitioner who helps stuck people find freedom and flow. She guides growth seekers, heart-centered healers, and embodied leaders through their biggest physical, mental, emotional, social, spiritual, professional, and financial blocks to discover their boundless inner power. But she adds the missing piece most mindset trainers and coaches neglect: body-centered tools to rewire the nervous system for lasting change.

Her practice blends ancient and modern modalities, including Ayurvedic medicine, yoga, breathwork, meditation, somatic work, trauma healing, prenatal and postpartum care, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (FDN), and more.

An educator and entrepreneur, Stacy combines private client work with writing, speaking, facilitating small groups, and leading live transformational events. She strives to bring heart-centered, whole-person healing to a hurting, head-driven world.

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Curious about tapping?

Get immediate access to your free EFT reference guide and learn the tapping points now.

Meet your tribe.

We have a global community, so let the adventures in connection begin! Here are just a few of the incredible action-takers who’ve grown through Freedom + Flow coaching.


“Stacy is a true professional in the field of alternative health practices. She served as my trusted guide during a period of difficult but great personal transformation. What sets her apart is her ability to really hear what someone is saying. I was constantly surprised by the depth of insight she reached even just listening to my choice of words. Her competency in many different areas of alternative health meant that any issue I brought up could be addressed in a balanced and multifaceted manner. The services she provided were invaluable. Stacy helped me grow and develop in ways I never imagined.”

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“I highly recommend Stacy for EFT—she carries her expertise in the healing field with great compassion. I felt completely cared for and guided with purpose while I unfolded years of held-in emotion during our EFT journey! I feel anyone feeling stuck or frustrated in any part of their life would benefit greatly from Stacy’s extraordinary work! Plus, she is such a pleasure to engage with, I know she had my best interest at hand, and I felt her authentic care towards helping me. Thank you, Stacy!”

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“I found Stacy’s work to be magnificent and transformative, and it led to breakthrough insights on my part. She is a powerful active listener, well versed in reflective listening, which I found accelerated the pace of insights I received. I found her to have a powerful loving presence the entire time we worked together, which helped me feel safe, understood, and readily acknowledged. As such I would highly recommend Stacy for anyone considering transformative personal coaching and healing work.”

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“Stacy is warm, caring, and so attentive and in tune with everything I tell her. I love this journey of healing I am on with Stacy. She has taught me how to extend grace and gentleness toward myself and to be more in tune with my own body and listen to what it's trying to tell me. Stacy has given me so many helpful tools and practices that I can do myself to continue this journey of healing and growth.”

Mark your calendar.

We meet every week, every month, so you can manage stress and move through fear in real time. Don’t wait until you’re really sick and stuck to do the work! Your nervous and immune systems need regular TLC.  

When: Tuesdays at 8 pm CDT (convert the time to your time zone here)
Where: online everywhere

Register now for immediate access to the next call. 

Make your investment.

Freedom + Flow now comes with four incredible options to meet your needs. Pick the investment that’s best for you.



Your standard, all-access pass to Freedom + Flow includes

  • weekly live group transformational sessions
  • personal, practical, experiential learning
  • video replays to integrate on your own and take action
  • connection and accountability from the comfort of home
  • access to upcoming member-only tools and training
  • a supportive community committed to unstoppable growth

You get a whole month of support for about the cost of a single fitness class and a bite to eat afterward. Don’t you agree that tapping into your power and potential is much more valuable than that?




Are you experiencing financial hardship?

Then this investment option is for you. You belong in Freedom + Flow regardless of your current situation. Feel free to join us at a discounted rate.




Is your freedom worth more than a dollar a day?

Many have shared how invaluable this work is. If you’re ready to expedite growth, consider this your option. We often grow in proportion to our investment.




Do you need more hands-on guidance?

Our group sessions may bring up more than you feel equipped to handle on your own. Choose this option if you crave an extra touchpoint. Every month you get a bonus 30-minute personal strategy session with Stacy.


Curious about tapping?

Get immediate access to your free EFT reference guide and learn the tapping points now.

Are you ready to tap into your boundless power?
Join us now.

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