Freedom + Flow

Where you feel lighter and life gets easier


Can you imagine a world where…

  • You feel lighter and brighter.
  • You show up confident at work.
  • You parent with ease and grace.
  • You finally get those healthy habits to stick.
  • You eat well, sleep well, and move your body regularly.
  • You wake energized, excited for the day.
  • You make clear decisions and act on them.
  • You have those difficult conversations and they go better than expected.
  • You release lingering resentments and petty frustrations.
  • You let past burdens melt away.
  • You bounce back easily from stress (yes, even pandemics).
  • You handle adeptly whatever comes your way.
  • You know your value and remember that you are enough.
  • You speak kindly to yourself and celebrate progress.
  • You find purpose and make a plan to live it.
  • You notice that life flows more smoothly than ever before.


That’s not the world many of us inhabit.

Too many people are slogging through life, weighed down, exhausted, and stuck in the same cycles. Do you ever find yourself among them? You may recognize the telltale signs:

  • You feel like you’re carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders.
  • You see every day as an uphill climb, schlepping a bag of bricks.
  • You wake exhausted before the day even begins.
  • You avoid decisions and beat yourself up for past mistakes.
  • You struggle to achieve your health and fitness goals.
  • You have a pesky health condition you can’t seem to shake.
  • You tolerate self-talk that’s more critical than compassionate.
  • You have a quicker fuse than you’d like to admit.
  • You find yourself sidelined by chronic stress.
  • You feel shackled by the chains of overwhelming emotion.
  • You default to self-sabotage or inertia when called to take confident action.
  • You replay the same destructive patterns in your relationships or finances.
  • You question your worth, doubt your value, and rarely feel good enough.
  • You have big dreams but consistently settle for less.
  • You do well most of the time—except for that one frustrating person or nagging issue.
  • You find fleeting moments of ease and wonder why the rest of life can’t be this way.

After all this hard work, shouldn’t life be easier by now?!

You’ve been searching and…

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You’d love to find the missing link.

There must be a key to unlock that world you imagine. Why can’t you find it?

What if I told you that you didn’t have to look that far?

What if a simple solution is within arm’s reach?

I, too, have been searching far and wide. And while my own journey has taken me back through time and across the globe, the simplest solution awaited me at home, at my own fingertips.





Suddenly the missing link is within reach.

It’s like the puzzle piece you’ve been waiting decades to find. And just like a puzzle piece, it complements the whole picture.

It fits in perfectly with the rest of your life.

Whether you want to

  • heal your body from disease…
  • free your mind from negative thought loops…
  • make peace with your emotions…
  • improve your intimate partnership…
  • restore fractured relationships…
  • resolve past trauma…
  • parent your children better…
  • stress less and laugh more…
  • make clear decisions…
  • act with greater confidence…
  • live your purpose…
  • find financial freedom…
  • open to infinite abundance…

Everything gets better with this piece in place.

It’s the loyal ally for every healing protocol and the best friend of your personal development plan.

(And if you’re anything like me, you’ve tried countless protocols and plans. Yes, we take our health and growth seriously, don’t we?)

It’s an adjunct to your favorite practices:

  • meditation
  • breathwork
  • yoga
  • strength training
  • physical conditioning
  • creative arts
  • music
  • dance
  • writing
  • prayer and spiritual practices
  • inner child and parts work
  • traditional counseling
  • standard Western medicine
  • functional medicine
  • complementary and alternative therapies
  • nutritional therapy
  • herbal and plant medicine
  • massage and bodywork
  • trauma release
  • hypnotherapy
  • somatic experiencing
  • NLP, CBT, XYZ…you name it!

You don’t need to overhaul what you’re already doing. You simply add this one thing…and it clicks.

Finally! A manageable solution that plays nice with your life.

How liberating is that?

FInd the missing link.
Join us now.


So what’s the missing link?

I kept asking that question, too.

Perhaps like you, I spent too many years bouncing between doctors, lab tests, specialists, and prescription pads, while maintaining a busy career and an overcommitted personal life. I knew the uncomfortable symptoms I was experiencing, the mysterious maladies that defied diagnosis, meant something was amiss. But I didn’t know what to do about them. (And traditional routes led to dead ends.)

Ever the investigator, I gravitated toward nutrition, ancient healing, and self-experimentation. I changed my diet, brewed herbal potions, subjected myself to radical therapies. I immersed myself in all the alternative modalities and natural medicines I could find.

I studied ancient Ayurvedic medicine and yoga and modern functional nutrition. I explored Eastern traditions and Western science. I became well-versed in diet and lifestyle, lab testing and supplementation.

And when it came time to turn my knowledge into a career, I got my clients results. But not dramatic ones.

Still the investigator, I wanted to know…

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Why not?! Am I missing something??

I’m a smart, savvy, data-driven practitioner! What’s holding me and others back from the deeper healing and freedom I know is possible?

After years of testing protocols, requesting labs, scrutinizing data, and scouring research, I learned that the most potent hidden stressors—the real roadblocks to our healing and growth—often don’t turn up on a lab test. They evade our health detective magnifying glass because they’re lurking in our blind spots.

It took me far too long to discover this truth…

We often stay sick, stuck, stressed, and self-sabotaging not for lack of knowledge but for lack of awareness in one critical area: the emotional pain lodged deep in the nervous system.

What’s keeping us stuck may be hard to spot, but there’s good news: we can put a finger on it.

And when we do, when we release the emotional pain lodged deep in the nervous system…

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Wow, what a weight comes off!

These days I request fewer lab tests and create fewer supplement protocols, yet I see better results. Because I add the missing link most practitioners and coaches neglect: body-centered tools to resolve trauma and rewire the nervous system for lasting change.

Many of these tools require little more than your own fingertips working in concert with the power you already have inside.

The human being is capable of amazing self-healing and infinite potential, once given permission and the right combination of tools.

When you have the strategy and support to discover what’s really holding you back and weighing you down…

Miraculous results become not only possible but also commonplace.

And that’s what I see daily now.

Prepare to join the freedom chorus.

“I feel lighter,” he says.

“I feel lighter,” she says.

“I feel lighter,” they say.

It’s the number one side effect of my health and transformational coaching practice.

“You look lighter,” he hears.

“You look lighter,” she hears.

“Something’s different,” they hear. “Have you lost weight?” 

It’s the number one response clients get from friends and family after our work together.

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Others notice a change, even if they can’t put a finger on it.

But you can! Quite literally.

When you take the power into your own hands, bring your fingertips to specific points on your body, and give yourself permission to feel, alongside an expert guide until you find your own healer inside…

You may very quickly be singing the same tune.

“I feel lighter!”

And contrary to what you’ve been led to believe, it doesn’t have to be an uphill climb. You’ll be pleasantly surprised that it’s easier and more fun than you imagined…

Can a silly-looking technique really do all that?

I’ve been alluding to the literal power at your fingertips, so what exactly is this power?

Tapping, also known as Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), is a deceptively simple mind-body tool that quickly shifts the body from fear and isolation to safety and connection.

In essence, we move from the world of the uphill climb—where we feel weighed down—to the world of freedom and flow—where weight release becomes effortless.

Curious about tapping?

Get immediate access to your free EFT reference guide and learn the tapping points now.

When we use our fingertips to stimulate the body’s energy meridians, we

  • relieve stress
  • dislodge blocks
  • uproot fears
  • clarify confusing messages
  • heal emotional wounds
  • resolve physical pain
  • activate the immune system
  • improve hormone balance
  • mobilize inner wisdom
  • kickstart motivation
  • catalyze whole-body change
  • create massive life shifts
  • rewire the brain for lasting change

Tapping, then, is a stress-relieving technique that returns the body to a healing state where…

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Amazing changes happen naturally.

What are some of those amazing changes? Tapping shows extraordinary benefits in myriad areas:

  • physical pain
  • emotional issues
  • mood disorders
  • stress relief
  • weight challenges
  • health diagnoses
  • phobias
  • cravings
  • addictions
  • compulsive behavior
  • eating disorders
  • self-sabotage
  • limiting beliefs
  • family paradigms
  • intergenerational patterns
  • healing trauma
  • building resilience
  • resolving interpersonal conflict
  • improving relationship dynamics
  • overcoming financial blocks
  • achieving professional success
  • developing confidence
  • precipitating behavior change
  • encouraging spiritual growth
  • accessing creativity and inspiration
  • finding greater peace and joy
  • cultivating equanimity and satisfaction in life
  • and more!

While it may look silly, tapping gets results.

It’s steeped in tried-and-true ancient wisdom and backed by cutting-edge modern science, drawing from Eastern traditions like Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine, plus modern psychology, physics, and neuroscience.

Science is still exploring precisely how tapping works, but there is mounting research, especially focused on the amygdala in the brain, confirming that it does.

And it doesn’t take much! According to a 2012 study by pioneering researcher and clinical psychologist Dr. Peta Stapleton, a single hour of tapping can change 72 genes and reduce the stress hormone cortisol by 24 percent. (By comparison, napping reduces cortisol by only 14 percent.)

That’s a significant, measurable effect on body systems and on actual DNA. We’re sending a healing message to the nervous system. We’re upregulating immunity. We’re restoring hormone balance. We’re causing lasting change.

The best part? This literal power at our fingertips is available anytime, anywhere. It’s simple to learn and superlative in groups. 

Wherever you are in the world, prepare to join the freedom chorus.

Because you deserve to feel lighter, fast.

And while the technique itself is powerful…





A secret ingredient supercharges results. (Hint: it’s you!)

You can find oodles of tapping scripts and recordings online.

Maybe you’ve tried them, with mixed results. While they can be life-changing for some, they cause others to give up altogether.

And that’s because they’re missing a key ingredient, something that gets better results, faster.

It’s the linchpin in all things human: community

I’ve tried flying solo on my health journey, as perhaps you have. Yet, as a recovering self-sufficiency addict, I’ve come to realize that it’s a lonely road. And loneliness is disastrous to our health and well-being.

Humans are hardwired for connection. When we feel separate, the nervous system goes into a threat response, unleashing an internal state of emergency that likewise leaves us susceptible to illness, not to mention early mortality.

Nearly half of adult Americans, and countless more around the globe, are lonely, according to medical reports that don’t account for the recent worldwide health crisis. This insidious threat to humanity is the more perilous pandemic of our times.

Groups, on the other hand, offer significant advantages and an antidote to viral loneliness.

Because healing and growth accelerate in relationship. When we share one another’s burdens, everyone’s load gets lighter.

And we get to share the breakthroughs, too!

Part of the power with tapping comes through the expression, and having our expression received and validated by others can send the healing messages even deeper. You get seen, heard, and celebrated, and we learn alongside you.

That’s the secret ingredient: you.

You matter. You are an integral part of the whole. That’s community.

Whatever you’re going through, you belong in Freedom + Flow.

It’s well documented in tapping circles that the entire group can borrow the benefits of one person’s process. Kind of like healing and growth by osmosis. Pretty cool concept, huh?

Thankfully, it’s more than a cool concept…

Curious about tapping?

Get immediate access to your free EFT reference guide and learn the tapping points now.

Science is on our side.

Remember that 2012 study I mentioned earlier, in which tapping reduced cortisol by 24 percent? A replicated study in 2020, again led by Dr. Peta Stapleton, added a twist: when the participants tapped not only with a practitioner but also with a group, they got a 43 percent reduction in cortisol.

This seminal research underscores tapping’s potential in group settings like Freedom + Flow.

It’s a powerful ingredient, the secret “c” word: community.

And it explains why tapping is finding its way into every setting and demographic imaginable, from

  • homes to hospitals
  • schools to spiritual centers
  • workplaces to war zones
  • private bedrooms to public ballrooms
  • places of peace to places of conflict, chaos, and natural disaster

But you don’t have to travel to any of those places. Freedom + Flow can be found from the comfort of home.

When two or more come together, whether in person or online, we all benefit from the ripple effects.

Because when we do our inner work together, our outer world changes, a mysterious phenomenon I’ve witnessed time and again in my journey to find the missing link…





And there’s another secret ingredient. (Hint: it’s me!)

“I tried tapping,” people often tell me, “and nothing happened. It doesn’t work for me.”

Or: “I tried tapping, and it helped. But then I didn’t know what to say, so I stopped.”

Other skeptical souls enter my groups with a just-try-to-convince-me dare plastered all over their furrowed brow. (Maybe you, too, have mastered the perplexed countenance just like I have!)

Soon I hear: “Whoa! This isn’t the tapping I learned in the 90s. This isn’t the tapping I’ve seen on YouTube. This isn’t the tapping from those scripts and apps.”

My style is different. It’s designed to give you 100 percent permission to access to your unique Freedom + Flow, so you feel better, lighter, and less stressed in minutes.

(Here’s another hint: It’s not about the words. There’s no special script or magic formula. My process is merely a portal to your own infinitely wise inner guide.)

Are you prepared to join the freedom chorus?


“I feel much lighter, and life feels easier and less of an uphill battle. I'm so grateful for the work and Stacy's expertise.”


“I see a huge opportunity for transformation and see this group as a beacon of hope. You are so cosmic, Stacy! Thank you for creating this oasis.”


“Wow! Thank you, Stacy! I’m so grateful for these sessions! I feel so much lighter! Thank you, everyone, for doing this healing work!”


“I love your sessions! I am so grateful for you and everything you are doing for the entire collective! Thank you SO kindly! I felt a much-needed shift in some stuck energy around fear I have been not allowing myself to feel. I was able to reach a new level of surrender and trust. This was huge for me. Thank you, beautiful souls!”


“I don’t know how you do what you do, Stacy. It is amazing how you touch all the participants. I bet everyone would agree that we feel like you are speaking directly to ‘me.’”


“Your prompts were so amazing! I found my own words often because of your prompts.”


“Your group is genuinely the highlight of every week.”


“Thank you, Stacy! I was so connected to the feeling and I really felt I tuned in to my body. Amazing that my body answered when asked!”


“I have healed and am more resourced than any point in my past and I will continue to heal and grow and be able to navigate these challenging times. Thank you, Stacy for creating this safe space for clarity and groundedness to come through.”


“I feel like I’ve gotten the equivalent of a chiropractic alignment of the brain with one session.”


“Thank you all for honoring your emotions and giving yourself permission to feel what you feel with me. Witnessing you and practicing with you all will instill this permission and honor deep in my psyche. I am so grateful.”


“It feels nice to be connected to a group of beautiful people around the world.”


“Wow, as always Stacy, you are amazing! Got right down to the DEEP CORE issues and subconscious thoughts that I wasn’t even aware of.”


“I’ve been doing EFT for over 14 years and THIS is amazing! I love how you are teaching and presenting!”


“I’m so thankful I found this group. It feels like a fountain of health. Thank you all for the connection and for supporting me.”


Ready to feel that connection and support for yourself?

After years as a health practitioner and transformational coach, I’m still amazed myself by the results I get with my groups. Together we reduce stress, release burdens, and encourage connection in an uncertain, lonely world.

Together we find the missing link—emotional freedom—and sing its tune in community.

But don’t take my word for it. Freedom + Flow tappers are in great company…

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Freedom + Flow is more than you + me. Have you seen who’s tapping?

Tapping blends ancient wisdom with modern science, and some of the biggest names in health and wellness, not to mention business and innovation, are taking notice.

  • From pioneering doctors like Mark Hyman, Mehmet Oz, Joseph Mercola, Lissa Rankin, and Christiane Northrup to researchers at premier institutions like Johns Hopkins and Harvard Medical School…
  • From brain experts, biohackers, and wellness advocates like Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dave Asprey, and Wellness Mama to business leaders, strategists, and motivational speakers like Brendon Burchard, Tony Robbins, Marie Forleo, and Tim Ferriss…
  • From celebrities and star athletes to authorities and advisors to innovators and icons in all spheres of industry…

The world agrees: energy psychology in general, and tapping specifically, supercharges healing, growth, and performance.

(Psst! Have you missed the memo? This silly-looking technique is not so silly—and not so secret—anymore.)

This is the way of the future. This is the new solution.

This is the missing link. And it’s within arm’s reach.






This is your moment.

Too many people trudge through life, weighed down and exhausted. It’s time to discover how easy (and fun!) stress relief and self-care can be. Because…

You deserve to feel lighter.

You deserve more ease in life.

You deserve the energy to do what you love.

You deserve emotional freedom—and that can take you as far as your mind can imagine.

You’ve been waiting for the missing link, but you’re different now.

Waiting isn’t an option. Indecision and inaction are part of that old reality, and…

That new world you imagined? Suddenly it’s possible.

Freedom + Flow brings the best of East and West, ancient and modern, together in one easy-to-access virtual place, so you get the unrivaled benefits of tapping in community.

Ive curated a robust library of over 200 videos of community tapping so you can transform stress into growth using the power at your own fingertips—and create the world you want to inhabit. 

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Curious about tapping?

Get immediate access to your free EFT reference guide and learn the tapping points now.

Every week I invite you to carve out one hour to tap through your fears and stressors in real time. You receive my supportive guidance and the insights of prior Freedom + Flow members. We create safety and connection for one another, using tried-and-true techniques that leave you feeling lighter, fast. 

Here’s what you get when you say yes to Freedom + Flow:

  • self-paced access to recorded group transformational tapping sessions
  • personal, practical, experiential learning from the comfort of home
  • over 200 past recordings to tap anytime you like
  • skills and strategies to integrate on your own and take action
  • a supportive community committed to unstoppable growth!

It’s my gift to you, so we can grow calmer and more connected in these scary, isolating times.

It’s the missing link, with those key ingredients, to help you pave your way to emotional freedom.

Ready to find your emotional freedom? 
You belong here.


Join the freedom chorus.

“I feel lighter!”

That’s your tribe’s tune, and they’d love to sing along with you.

Here are just a few of the incredible action-takers who’ve grown through Freedom + Flow coaching.


“Stacy is a true professional in the field of alternative health practices. She served as my trusted guide during a period of difficult but great personal transformation. What sets her apart is her ability to really hear what someone is saying. I was constantly surprised by the depth of insight she reached even just listening to my choice of words. Her competency in many different areas of alternative health meant that any issue I brought up could be addressed in a balanced and multifaceted manner. The services she provided were invaluable. Stacy helped me grow and develop in ways I never imagined.”

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“I highly recommend Stacy for EFT—she carries her expertise in the healing field with great compassion. I felt completely cared for and guided with purpose while I unfolded years of held-in emotion during our EFT journey! I feel anyone feeling stuck or frustrated in any part of their life would benefit greatly from Stacy’s extraordinary work! Plus, she is such a pleasure to engage with, I know she had my best interest at hand, and I felt her authentic care towards helping me. Thank you, Stacy!”

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“I found Stacy’s work to be magnificent and transformative, and it led to breakthrough insights on my part. She is a powerful active listener, well versed in reflective listening, which I found accelerated the pace of insights I received. I found her to have a powerful loving presence the entire time we worked together, which helped me feel safe, understood, and readily acknowledged. As such I would highly recommend Stacy for anyone considering transformative personal coaching and healing work.”

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“Stacy is warm, caring, and so attentive and in tune with everything I tell her. I love this journey of healing I am on with Stacy. She has taught me how to extend grace and gentleness toward myself and to be more in tune with my own body and listen to what it's trying to tell me. Stacy has given me so many helpful tools and practices that I can do myself to continue this journey of healing and growth.”

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“Stacy is an insightful and caring practitioner. She’s deeply understanding and intuitive and does an amazing job guiding and navigating the journey of tapping. She listens deeply and is able to establish connections with my words, feelings, and emotions in an amazing way. I feel like she’s able to articulate what I’m feeling in a way that I can’t. It’s a safe space to feel deeply and allow emotions to process. The experience is super powerful and transformative. Every session is healing, and I feel so renewed after a session with her. Thank you, Stacy, for your healing energy and guidance!!”

Join the many health and growth seekers, heart-centered healers, embodied leaders, and purposeful parents who’ve moved through their biggest physical, mental, emotional, social, spiritual, professional, and financial blocks to discover their boundless inner power, with me as their trusted guide at their side.

Join the many men and women looking to release stress, feel lighter, get healthier, and invite greater ease into all areas of their lives.

Whatever your burden, whatever you’re going through, you’re not alone.


A helping hand is a tap away.

I’m Stacy Claxton, a transformational coach and integrative health practitioner who helps stuck, burdened people discover how easy—and fun—stress relief and self-care can be, so they feel lighter, fast. Because everyone deserves the energy to do what they love.

And everyone deserves a life of Freedom + Flow.

While my practice blends myriad ancient and modern modalities—including Ayurvedic medicine, yoga, breathwork, meditation, somatic work, trauma healing, prenatal and postpartum care, herbal and plant medicine, psychedelic-informed coaching, and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (FDN)—I adeptly weave Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) into all my work. EFT, or tapping, is one of the simplest, most effective tools for shifting the body to a place of safety, healing, and connection where amazing changes happen.

I provide the missing link and make it accessible to all, in a safe, supportive community space at an incredibly affordable price.

Because everyone deserves emotional freedom.

As part of my mission to bring heart-centered, whole-person healing to a hurting, head-driven world, I’ll help you activate your inner healer so that sick, stuck, stressed, and self-sabotaging become a way of the past.

Prepare to meet the new, unstoppable you. Prepare to join the freedom chorus.

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So let’s put it on the calendar, shall we?

Stress relief and self-care is not all heavy lifting and hard work. Remember my mission to make it easier and more fun for you to lighten the load? (In fact, I’ll never ask you to lift more than a finger!)

That’s why I invite you to tap every week, every month, for one superpower hour. It’s part secret ingredients (think: community + expert guide) plus some seriousness, some silliness, some celebration and a whole lot of permission, power, purpose, and possibility.

And of course, results. You will feel lighter—maybe immediately, maybe tomorrow, maybe a week from now. We’re here for you, for as long as it takes.

Don’t wait until you’re really sick, stuck, and stressed! Your nervous system needs regular TLC. Jettison the extra baggage each week, so we can make our inner and outer world a little lighter and brighter, one helping hand at a time.

So what are you waiting for?

Put it on your calendar now.

I’m serious. Pull up your calendar. I can wait. Open a new window, navigate to your planner, pick up a pen if you’re old school.

There. Find one hour each week to tap, whenever its most convenient for you. Add Freedom + Flow for the next 4 weeks.

And then flip ahead 11 months. Find a date one year from today.

Who do you want to be then?

  • Stuck at the same impasse?
  • Trapped in the same patterns?
  • Overwhelmed by the same stressors?
  • Beset by the same pain?
  • Carrying the same burdens?
  • Going it alone, piecing together stopgap solutions without the missing link?

This is the glue that holds all the other work together. This is root-cause resolution.

Emotional freedom accessed in community is the underappreciated missing link. And it’s here, now, ready and waiting, at your fingertips.






Will YOU be a different YOU a year from now?

You can choose a new you on that day a year from now.

You can choose another person to greet you on that day.

  • You’re lighter, brighter, happier, healthier, and more energized.
  • You’re handling challenges and taking action.
  • You’re plugged into purpose and a supportive community.
  • You’ve come to welcome all the parts of you, all your emotions, as allies.
  • You’ve come to expect breakthroughs, insights, and even miracles.
  • You’re navigating life with more ease and grace than you ever thought possible.

It is possible, and as you look back at yourself from that moment a year away, what will it require you to do differently?

If you were to look back a year ago from today, I’m guessing you’d make some changes. Given the unpredictable and unprecedented times upon us, you’d likely prioritize mental health, emotional resilience, stress relief and self-care, adaptability and growth, consistent community.

You’d likely prioritize Freedom + Flow.

Now that you’ve learned the lessons of the last year, now that you’re putting the missing link in place to pave your fast track to freedom…

Can you see yourself doing this more and more, each week, until 52 weeks from now, it’s become second nature to live differently?

You’ll look back at the end of one year and realize this isn’t the same you. You showed up differently, took a different action, said “yes!” to yourself and “yes!” to strategic support.

You released burdens and traded emotional pain for emotional freedom.

You dropped that weight—the extra pounds, that emotional baggage, the mental anguish, the destructive habits and relationships, those old stories and thought loops weighing you down—and liberated untold energy.

You feel better in your own skin and you see it in the mirror. And others are noticing (even in the Zoom room).

“I feel lighter.”

You say it aloud to yourself and smile. You sure do feel lighter. And you look it, too.

That feeling like a burden’s been lifted from your body, mind, and spirit? It’s priceless.

And it’s yours. For a small investment that yields infinite dividends, you can find Freedom + Flow.





Choose your passport to freedom.

Freedom + Flow is now an evergreen library with unlimited access, so you can tap anytime, anywhere.

Upon enrolling, you get immediate access to a robust video library on more than 200 tapping topics. The library is searchable, so use the search function in the page header to find a video by keyword or topic that interests you. Or you can allow your knowing inner guide to direct you to a specific date and be surprised.

The evergreen library is a phenomenal resource. Members tap again on the same video and receive new benefit each time. So even if you make it through all 200-plus videos once, know that you’re only touched the surface.

Many find that the topics and the sharing feel just as relevant, even if they're tapping along later. It’s amazing that in the NOW moment of your listening, you often hear exactly what was meant for you, even if it was recorded years earlier. We are truly more interconnected across time and space than we can fathom.

Take a test drive with your monthly passport to freedom. There’s no commitment, and you can cancel anytime.

Passport to Freedom


Your monthly all-access pass to Freedom + Flow includes

  • self-paced access to recorded group transformational tapping sessions
  • personal, practical, experiential learning from the comfort of home
  • over 200 past recordings to tap anytime you like
  • skills and strategies to integrate on your own and take action
  • a community committed to unstoppable growth!

You get a whole month of support for about the cost of a couple fitness classes. Wouldn’t you like an easier way to feel lighter, healthier, and less stressed—with a tried-and-true method that gives you lasting results?


Curious about tapping?

Get immediate access to your free EFT reference guide and learn the tapping points now.

Because you deserve a life of freedom and flow.
Join us now.

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